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Pheasant Hunting, SD

South Dakota readily and easily boasts the best ringneck pheasant hunting in the world.  South Dakota correctly boasts that it has more pheasants than any other state.

The ringneck pheasant, originally imported from Japan, is a very stealthy upland game bird that has found comfortable residence here in eastern South Dakota.  The bird has ingrained itself into the wildlife so that its numbers are usually seen crossing the road in the summer, before hunting season.

As the ringneck pheasant is the state bird of South Dakota, and because hunting is one of South Dakota's largest industries, the SD Department of Game, Fish and Parks does a great job of managing the pheasant population so that there are always some available for the bird hunter's next wingshoot.

There are several outfitters in South Dakota, as well as working grain farms that permit pheasant hunting on their premesis.  I would like to list these resources here.  If you would like to be listed and promote your outfit, farm or guide service, please contact Doug Peters, the owner of this website, with your business listing information.


For more information on South Dakota Pheasant Hunting licenses and forecasts, see the SD Game, Fish & Parks website. Other good resources are  the Southeast South Dakota Tourism Pheasant Hunting web page and the Pheasants Forever website.

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